Ted Rubin speaking at a Brand Innovators conference in 2015

Ted Rubin speaking at a Brand Innovators conference in 2015

Ted is a global recognized authority on marketing, customer/brand dynaics, and consumer relationship building. 

As the most followed CMO on social media, Ted's engaging and powerful message not only inspires his audiences, but leaves them with actionable insights that they can put to work on their businesses imeediatley. Ted's core marketing philisopgy, Return on Relationship (#RonR), has proven to be transformational for companies that embrace the opportunity that social media has offered them to build meaningful relationships with their customers! 

Ted has delivered keynotes across the world that both exhilarate and motivate, and has a wide range of topics that are certain to connect with the audience of your next event:

  • Welcome to the Age of Influence

  • The Content and Connection IS the Ad

  • How to Look People in the Eye Digitally

  • 12 Most Important Ways to Build Brand Advocates

  • Most Important Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Children

  • Build Greater Intimacy with Clients and Profit from ROR: Return on Relationship

Speaking Engagements

Ted has been the MC/Host/Keynote for the vast majority of Brand Innovators Summits since September 2013. He is under annual contract and appears at 50+ of their Summits per year, 2017 included.

In addition he appears nationally and internationally as a featured Keynote at 10+ events per year.